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About me

My first photography book was called "Damaged Goods." It was a extremely short series based on thrifted dolls. I thought photography for me was something that would be short lived, but despite my greatest efforts, I do believe I have become a photographer of sorts. Though this journey, what I have found is, what I loved most about this first series, are the same things I love about my other subjects. The book "Damaged Goods" stemmed from my attraction to the unusual and my love of the discarded. What others may find creepy and morbid, I tend to embrace. As odd as it sounds, I feel a sense of communion with these items and buildings. There have been occasions in my life where I have felt lost, damaged, and unworthy of love just like a lot of my subjects. But I have been very lucky in my life to be supported and loved whole-heartedly by my family and friends.

I think the most damaged people may have the most interesting stories to tell, and they often times wear it on their face and their skin. The same can be said of all these toys and abandoned buildings in some of these images. I believe the most tattered item can carry so much more weight than something bright and shiny. I only wish I could know all their stories, their history, their past. 

That's what I find beautiful. And that's what I am always on the search for... the discarded. The waste. The unloved. And most importantly, the item that screams, "take me home."